Packing List for Your Deer Hunt!

Here in Ohio it is now bow-hunting season and the weeks for gun season are rapidly approaching. It is an exciting time and it is a great time to pack up for your hunt and make sure you are properly supplied! There is nothing worse than going on a hunt only to find you forgot something important when you are out in the wilderness.

You know you need to pack up your camo, your gun, and ammunition, so let's talk about some really useful things you should pack for the best hunting trip ever that might be more easily overlooked.

1. A Hunting Day Pack - This looks like a backpack but it is a little more sophisticated than that. It is made out of a quiet material that is also camo, so it prevents the deer from hearing and seeing you, while it stows important items like snacks, water, and ammunition.

2. Binoculars - You know you will hunt better when you can see clearly whether that deer-looking object is actually a deer or just an old rotted tree.

3. A Rifle Scope - Just as bad as mistaking a rotten tree for a deer is shooting a rotten tree instead of deer. With a good scope, you will aim true and hopefully bag that deer!

4. A Face Mask - Hunters know the benefits of a good face mask. Your face stays warm and with the right kind of camo, it keeps the deer from seeing you as you hunt.

5. A Hunting Knife - A great knife comes in handy when you are hunting. Whether you need to cut through rope or skin an animal, you want a knife that has a good grip so it will not slip in your hand.

6. An LED Flashlight - The woods get extremely dark at night. A LED flashlight assists you in moving around quietly in the dark. Even if you are not in hunting mode, a flashlight is an awesome tool to brighten your vision. It is very helpful for setting up camp. Get one that is durable and water-resistant.

Looking for a place to use your gear? Hidden Hollow Whitetail Ranch is Ohio’s most popular whitetail hunting ranches located in Tuscarawas County, Ohio. Our whitetail hunting preserve has been designed to ensure every hunter is challenged regardless of experience. There is a prime opportunity for hunting a big whitetail buck. Our land management and genetic herd development have allowed us to produce some of the largest whitetail deer in North America.

Booking your Whitetail Deer Preserve Hunt requires an $800.00 non-refundable deposit per hunter and comes off your total price.  From our private whitetail hunting preserve to eating home-cooked meals after the hunt, we are sure you’re going to have your private deer hunt of a lifetime with us. We’ll be sure to take plenty of pictures of you and your big buck! To schedule your hunt, call Rob at 330-466-4404.