4 Tips for Shooting a Whitetail Buck on Season Opening Day

Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunter, Hidden Hollow Whitetail Ranch

September brings a lot of excitement for whitetail deer hunters. We’re finally closing in on opening day and the big buck fever is setting in. You’ve spotted a deer you want to shoot on your trail camera, but how do you give yourself the best chance to shoot him before another hunter? The early days of season are the best time to catch a mature whitetail off guard. The longer the season goes on, the more aware they are of a hunter’s habits and become leery. We have 5 tips for whitetail deer hunters who want to take home an opening day trophy.

1.       With temperatures still being on the warm side through the first weeks, hunting near a water source can help improve the chance of your deer coming through your range. Hunting in a place between a pond or creek and bedding area can improve your chances of shooting your buck.

2.       Get in the woods early. If you can get comfortable in your stand before deer start rustling and moving for the day the less likely you are to be sniffed out or spook a moving whitetail. Ohio Department of Resources allow hunters to be in the woods 30 minutes before sunrise.

3.       Use a scope or binoculars. Early mornings can be foggy, and late evenings of limited light can really restrict your seeing distance. Using a good pair of binoculars or scope on your bow can improve your chances of being able to see your deer from a farther distance. Sure, maybe a little too far but even then, you can study his habits.

4.       Remain stealthy. Mixing scent blockers to remove as many ‘human world’ smells and fresh earth or eustress scent wafers can help keep your presence in the wood unknown. Deer have noses that are much stronger than a human and the last thing you want to do is have one of them catch your sent upwind and take off.

Opening day is an adrenaline-rushing time for all Ohio Whitetail Deer hunters. Make sure you’re ready to take home your trophy buck. Don’t worry though, if you miss your shot there is always a big buck waiting for you at Hidden Hollow Whitetail Ranch.