6 Tips for a Successful Whitetail Gun Season

Whitetail Hunting Ranches, Hidden Hollow Whitetail Ranch Ohio

Gun Season might only be a small time frame of Ohio's Whitetail hunting season, but the most deer tend to be taken in that portion of the season. There are a lot of hunters in the woods, so it's important to remember to be aware of your surroundings and wear hunter orange for safety. With the increase of hunters, deer tend to be moving more, but that also means there's an increased chance of spooking a whitetail. Hidden Hollow Whitetail Ranch wants to help you be prepared for gun season with a few tips.

1. Check your sight - Make sure the sight on your gun of choice is sighted in accurately. Poor sighting puts you at risk of missing your shot.

2. Prepare for warmth - Chances are you'll be in the woods most of the day, you won't want to have to return to your truck to get supplies. Bring extra gloves, hand warmers, and extra clothing for layers if necessary. Your outermost layer should be made of a material that won't make noise when you move. Don't forget to cover your neck, head, and potentially face as well. 

3.Food - Since you'll be in the woods for a prolonged period of time, you should bring yourself water and some food. Waiting for a deer when your stomach is growling takes away from your enjoyment. Try not to bring things that could produce noise, like a bag of chips, and choose food that is more substantial. Water is important, but a thermos with coffee or hot chocolate can also help with warmth. 

4. Plan your route - With the increased deer activity, you want to have a plan of getting in place quickly and quietly. Try to avoid any thickets and bedding areas you may have spotted in your preseason trips. A second trail to your stand or blind can also be beneficial.

5. Pack your gear early - Don't wait until the morning of to get your gear together and loaded up. While the night before is better, you should start a day or two early to ensure you have everything you'll need. Remember to bring along scents like estrus and fresh earth, deer calls, and plenty of ammunition. 

6. Stay Sharp - Once you're in your zone, make sure you stay there. Staying focused can help you not miss out on a deer coming through your shooting range. Don't let yourself get discouraged after a few hours or waiting, you never know when a big whitetail buck could walk through. Scanning can help you stay alert and aware of what's around. 

Gun season is an exciting time for hunters, and us too here on the whitetail hunting preserve. Maybe you want to have the promise of a successful whitetail gun season and choosing to hunt on a whitetail ranch would be beneficial to you. Hidden Hollow Whitetail Ranch offers limited gun season whitetail hunting preserve hunts at a promotional rate. For more information, visit the specials page on our website.