Preparing for Whitetail Season

It's early August and just a little over a month away from fall, which means it's time to start preparing now for whitetail season. Being prepared make everything go more smoothly, so take a look at these steps. You won't be able to do them all at once, but starting now, you'll be ready for when it's time to hit that stand!

1. Study the Regulations

Be sure you know all the details about the upcoming season dates, license and permit requirements, fees, bag limits and other rules. Many of these details change year to year, so never assume that last year’s regulations are going to apply to your favorite hunting spots this season. Overlooking even a "little" detail or rule change can ruin your hunt.

2. Buy Appropriate Licenses and Tags

A big game license is the first step in most cases. Deer, elk and other big-game hunters also need species tags for the animals they’re hunting.

3. Do Some Scouting

The best way to know what to expect of any hunting area is to get out and see some country for yourself before the season begins. The more familiar you are with a particular patch of ground, and the animals that live there, the better your chances of hunting success. If you are new to the sport and not really sure about how to scout, consider a guided hunt on private land.

4. Get in Shape

Some of the most successful hunters around are those who can cover the most ground in a day, whether that ground be flat or on a steep slope. If you’re in good enough physical condition to stay with it from daylight to dark, your odds of hunting success increase. Shaping up before you hunt is especially important for folks whose everyday lives don’t include much physical activity. Start walking, jogging, climbing stairs, visiting the gym or whatever you need to do long before opening day and this hunting season will be a happier, healthier — and more productive — one. If hiking or climbing is included in your workout plans, wear your hunting boots during your exercise session, especially if they’re new boots that need breaking-in. And, if you hunt with family members or friends, try to get them involved in your workout regime, too, so they can keep up with you.

5. Target Practice

Whether you hunt with a modern firearm, muzzleloader, shotgun, bow or all of the above, the more you shoot, the better you’ll shoot when it really counts. Many hunters spend dozens of days at the shooting range each summer in preparing for the season, and all hunters should spend at least a day or two there. Even a few hours of busting clay pigeons with the old semiautomatic or firing a couple dozen rounds from the bench with your favorite deer rifle will help, but more is better.

6. Get Organized

One of the best ways to blow a perfectly good day of hunting is to leave an important piece of equipment at home or find it in poor or non-working order when it’s needed. Make a checklist, lay out every piece of equipment on it, look it all over and make sure it works, then put it all together in one place, ready to be packed for the trip. Anyone who has ever reached into a backpack for a sharpening stone that wasn’t there, stared into the shattered face of a broken compass or discovered an active deer mouse nest in a tattered (and smelly) sleeping bag understands the importance of careful equipment organization and maintenance.

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