How To Field Dress a Deer


    You just shot down a deer -- congratulations! Walking up to your harvest is a moment filled with elation, joy and an appreciation of deer and the hunt you just completed. Following this adrenaline filled moment, you are now tasked with field dressing your deer. Most deer will yield at least 30 pounds of high-quality venison. Properly field dress the deer correctly, and that meat will taste phenomenal throughout the year. 

    Before you fully jump into the process, be cautious when approaching the downed animal. When you approach, keep an arrow knocked or a round in the chamber just in case the deer isn't fully down for the count. Make a visual observation then approach slowly and poke the eyeball to confirm the kill. After snapping a photo, check the area for any other dangers. In order to efficiently dress the deer, you will need stable ground and a safe workplace. A slight slope and a clean bed of grass are great spots when it comes to pulling the intestines and organs out. 

    In terms of items needed to dress a deer, you only need a knife. A very, very sharp knife at that. Large knifes can work but a smaller blade is much preferred because of the accuracy you can achieve while making cuts. Bone-saws can be very useful but are not a necessity but it wouldn't hurt to bring one along. The last item is a pair of latex gloves. If you don't mind blood, guts and germs all over your bare hands, these are not required but in terms of safety and cleanliness, these are at the top of our list. 

    Next, we have the prep phase. The first part involves a cut around the anus to allow all the intestines to separate after making the main incision. Be careful not to puncture the intestines while doing this as it can damage the meat. For the main act, place the deer on it's back and spread it's hind legs. After this, start making your cuts starting with right above the testicles going all the way to the chest plate. Then use your knife to press into the sternum. Hard pressure is required to split the bone to reveal the ribs and chest cavity. 

At this point, the stomach and chest should be open. It will steam and begin cooling as the internal organs are exposed to air. The next step involves removing all of the internal contents to cool the meat and take your deer home. Then hopefully to the butcher to get your fresh meat!

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