Tips For Hunting Whitetail Deer in The Winter


Hunting Ohio whitetail deer can be tricky in the wintertime, but we want to share some strategies and best practices with you to help make the most of your hunt. It doesn't matter if it is a guided whitetail hunt on a whitetail hunting preserve. These tips will still be beneficial. 

Tip number one is: understand your winter food sources. So much has changed about the Ohio whitetail deer's home during the wintertime. Their primary food sources are almost entirely gone and snow-covered. It is imperative to take the time to research your hunting area and understand what vegetation is available to the Ohio whitetail deer. The deer's movement will decline significantly, which means you will have to focus on a smaller area to increase your chances of a successful hunt. 

Leading into our next tip, you need to understand the difference between winter and fall whitetail behavior. This is crucial for a successful hunt because you will notice a considerable difference in the Ohio whitetail deer's behavior season to season. Although whitetail deer are creatures of habit, they will become more confined to one area and feed at different times than usual. Another helpful tip is to check your trail cameras so you can memorize the deer's habits and movements. 

Most people aren't going to love this next tip, but we feel it is one of the best strategies you can use: ditch your tree stand! The Ohio whitetail deer's habits are changing, and your habits need to change as well in order to have a successful hunt. You need to adapt to your surroundings just like the deer. Move slowly and use your surroundings to hide yourself. 

This next tip might throw you off a little bit. Skip the morning hunt. You're probably thinking, what in the world? On really cold days, most whitetails will not make it back to their bedding area until just before daylight. This will change their feeding habits as well. This goes for hunts on Whitetail hunting preserves, whitetail hunting ranches, guided whitetail hunts in Ohio. We hope these tips were helpful and that you have great success on your next hunt!