Guided Whitetail Hunts


One type of hunt that every hunter should experience is a guided whitetail at hunting preserves in Ohio. Located in Tuscarawas County, Hidden Hollow Whitetail Ranch is Ohio’s most popular Whitetail Hunting Ranches! From our private whitetail hunting preserve to eating home-cooked meals after the hunt, we are sure you’re going to have your private deer hunt of a lifetime with us.

We offer private, guided whitetail deer hunts in Ohio, from heated elevated box blinds, ladder stands, or stalk hunts. Our ranch consists of swamp bottoms and hardwood hilltops with a large abundance of food sources that make for a whitetail deer hunting paradise. Our 200+ acre private whitetail hunting preserve also consists of several large food plots planted yearly with several small ponds and panoramic views of Tuscarawas’s farmland.

The whitetail hunting preserve has been designed to ensure every hunter is challenged regardless of experience. There is a prime opportunity to hunt a big whitetail buck with deep, hardwood hollows and multiple ravines encased in fields of food plots. Our land management and genetic herd development have allowed us to produce some of the largest whitetail deer in North America.

In Ohio, the temperature can change drastically during the day. The weather changes can be so extreme that they can impose extra stress on your body.

Having a good layering system is crucial as it would allow you to be comfortable and not have to think about anything else besides the hunt.

You will also need scent control clothing. These clothes may not be as important for fawns and younger whitetails, but it is definitely crucial for adult deer. Experienced whitetails will run as soon as they sense your smell in the wind. By having proper clothing, you can prevent this.

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